Boat Manoeuvrability

Boat operators should take into account their own experience operating a boat and the limitations of the boat they are operating.

The maneuverability of any vessel will depend on many factors such as the size of the boat relative to the power of the motor and/or whether not one or two propellers are used.

Docking and mooring of boats in marinas or on boat ramps can lead to property damage and injury. Take extra care and proceed slowly when docking or mooring, especially in adverse weather conditions. Docking techniques, including the use of lines and fenders, vary depending on wind, current, location, degree of boat traffic in the harbor, type of boat, size of boat, and skills/abilities of the boater and crew.

REMEMBER: Boats don’t have brakes. If you need to reduce speed quickly you should put the motor into reverse while applying power. Make sure you practise this in case of an emergency.


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