Ferries, Tug Boats, Seaplanes

Keep clear of docked ferries, ferries in transit, or vessels in tow. Exercise extreme caution near cable ferries as there is a submerged cable at the front and back of the ferry. Large ships departing the dock will sound one prolonged blast on their horn to indicate they are departing.


REMEMBER: A pleasure boat must keep clear when meeting a ferry or a towing vessel.


Tug Boats

Stay clear of tug and tow operations and never pass between a tug and its tow. There are submerged tow lines that can hang underneath the water’s surface, making it very difficult to see.

Attempting to pass between a tug and its tow could result in your vessel hitting the hidden line, causing injury or death. Many towed objects will also have a long trailing line behind them. Give the tug and its tow plenty of space in every direction.

REMEMBER: You should never pass between a tug and its tow.



Watch for aircraft when you are out on the water and give plenty of space to any aircraft that is landing or taking off from the water.

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