Principles of Boat Safety

Wear Your Lifejacket

Remember to wear your lifejacket! Falling overboard, capsizing and swamping while boating are the leading causes of drowning when not wearing a lifejacket. Up to 90% of boating-related deaths in the past 10 years had one thing in common: the victim was not wearing a properly fitted PFD, or lifejacket. This number one cause of boating fatalities is easy to prevent. Always wear a PFD or lifejacket while on the water.

Boat Sober

More than 40% of recreational boating deaths are caused by alcohol consumption. Alcohol intensifies the effect of fatigue, sun, wind, and boat motion to adversely affect balance, judgment and reaction time. Even one drink will affect you, so please leave the booze out of the boat.

Boat Responsibly

Be sure to always keep a lookout, drive at a safe speed and never overload your boat.


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