Regular Inspections and Maintenance

It is important for boat operators to remember that negligence of boat maintenance and inadequate preparation for boating trips can lead to unsafe boating experiences, resulting in injuries and loss of life.

An inspection of your boat, its engine and all safety equipment on board should be performed at the beginning of the boating season each year, and also before leaving the dock on every boating trip. Boat owners must ensure that all the boat parts and equipment are fit for their intended purpose and safe to operate.


Engine Maintenance

  • Change oil according to the owner’s manual or at the start of each season;
  • Before each trip, check to ensure everything is working properly and nothing is loose or worn (i.e. belts, bolts and hoses);
  • Make sure to remove any corrosion or oxidation build-up on the engine and battery; and
  • Check and service your boat according to the owner manual or as needed.


REMEMBER: The mechanical condition of a boat should be checked at the beginning of the boating season and before leaving the dock.