Safety Equipment

According to the Small Vessel Regulations, the following is a list of the minimum safety equipment that all vessels operating in Canadian waters must have on board, depending on the type and length of the boat.


You can find the length of your boat:

  • By reading the manufacturer’s product information; or
  • By measuring it yourself (from the front outside surface of the hull shell to the back outside surface of the hull shell – bow to stern).



Boat operators must ensure that all the equipment is on board, in good working order, maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and readily accessible in case of emergency. All fire extinguishers must be serviced and kept fully charged. Your safety and the safety of your passengers depend on it.

For additional specific equipment requirements (e.g. visibility arc of lights, sound signaling appliances etc) based on the type of pleasure craft and its length, refer to the Collision Regulations and the Small Vessel Regulations.
These equipment requirements apply only to pleasure craft and are the same whether you own, rent or borrow a boat in Canada.

REMEMBER: Readily accessible – means being able to reach the safety equipment easily and safely under emergency conditions without the use of tools.