Invasive Species

Non-native aquatic species, plants, fish, and animals are invading Canada’s waterways.

Invasive exotic species of plants, fish, shellfish and even tiny algae or bacteria are invading Canada’s waterways. They enter into waters that are not their natural home and then multiply and crowd out the plants and animals that do belong there.

Trailering a boat from one body of water to another increases the chances of spreading invasive species. Zebra mussels, Quagga mussels, round goby, sea lamprey and a wide variety of other organisms can spread, wiping out fish stock and destroying the quality of the water.


To help prevent the introduction and spread of non-native species:

  • Always clean your hull prior to leaving or entering a new body of water;
  • Drain water from your bilge/live-well after use or before entering new waters to help remove spores and other organisms;
  • Clean all fishing equipment; and
  • Report new infestation of non-native aquatic species to Environment Canada.