Operating Responsibly

As an operator of a pleasure craft, you should take the following actions when sharing the waterways with others:

  • Stay well clear of swimmers and swimming areas;
  • Stay clear of properties;
  • Adjust the speed of your pleasure craft so that the wake and wash created by your pleasure craft will not disturb others (such as swimmers and water-skiers), erode shorelines, disturb wildlife (such as nesting waterfowl), or damage property;
  • Be aware of other smaller vessels around you, such as canoes, rowboats and kayaks, as waves produced from larger vessels can swamp these craft. Adjust your trim and reduce your wake;
  • Follow the Collision Regulations requirements regarding maintaining a safe speed depending on visibility and water conditions; and
  • Use common sense so as not to create a hazard, a threat, a stress, or an irritant to others or to the environment.

You are always responsible for the wake and wash created by your vessel.

You must at all times proceed with caution and at a speed such that wake and wash will not damage or adversely affect: other vessels, the shoreline, swimmers or divers and anchorage areas. This is especially true when rescuing someone who has fallen overboard, as the last thing you want to do is make the situation worse by having your wake wash over them.

REMEMBER: When operating a boat near anchored vessels, rowboats, swimmers, docks, floats and shorelines, adjust your speed to avoid damage due to wake and wash.