Towing a Water Skier

Under the Small Vessel Regulations, the rules governing water-skiing also apply to other towing activities such as barefoot skiing, tubing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, and parasailing.

A boat operator must ensure that someone on board, other than the boat operator, is watching the person(s) being towed at all times (i.e. spotter). Towing a skier without a spotter on board is illegal.


The regulations also require the following:

  • There must be a seat available for each person being towed (i.e. operator, spotter, person being towed);
  • Towing activities are not allowed from one hour after sunset until sunrise;
  • Towing activities are not allowed during periods of restricted visibility; and
  • A vessel towing water skiers or others cannot be remotely controlled.
REMEMBER: If water skiing from a PWC, the PWC must be designed and recommended by the manufacturer to accommodate three persons (the operator, the observer, and the person being towed).