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Lost or Damaged Boating License?

Lost Boating LicenseLost? Damaged? Or just need some extra cards?

Do you need to replace your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) or want backup copies for your boat, cabin, or wallet?® can replace your lost boaters license today.

Since 1999,® has been Transport Canada accredited to issue official Pleasure Craft Operator Cards, including replacement cards.® cards are valid throughout Canada and are also recognized in the United States.

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Why replace a lost boaters license?

Everyone who operates a recreational power-driven vessel in Canada needs a boating license, formally known as a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC).

Without a valid boating license, you can’t legally operate a power boat or jet ski in Canada and you may face a minimum fine of $250 if you do. But don’t worry,® can help you replace your lost or damaged PCOC today.

We’ll cover all the information you need to quickly and easily obtain a replacement for your lost or damaged Pleasure Craft Operator Card. We will also show you how to get some backup boating cards so you never run into this problem again!

It is mandatory to carry an original Pleasure Craft Operator Card while boating; failure to do so could result in a $250 fine, as photocopies aren’t legally acceptable as proof of competency. 

How do I replace a lost boating license in Canada?

The steps to obtaining a replacement boating license:

  1. Click the “Order New Card” button below and select how many replacement cards you would like to order.
  2. Enter your details and search the database for your original PCOC certification.
  3. Found In Database

    If your details are found in the database – simply complete checkout and your replacement card(s) will be shipped out to you within 48 hours. You will also receive a temporary replacement PCOC, that you can print at home and go boating straight away.


    Not Found In Database

    If you are not found in the database, Transport Canada requires that you either upload a photo of your original Pleasure Craft Operator Card or upload an Authorization Letter :

    a) Upload a picture of your original Pleasure Craft Operator Card and complete checkout. Please note the personal information on your card must be legible. Once your upload has been validated by staff – your replacement boating license will be shipped out within 48 hours. A temporary replacement license will be emailed to you.


    b) If you were not found in the database search and do not have a picture of your original Pleasure Craft Operator Card, you will need to contact Transport Canada and ask them to provide you with an Authorization Letter.

    Once you receive the authorization letter, simply click the “Order New Card” button below, follow the steps, upload the letter, and complete checkout. Once your upload has been validated – your replacement boating license will be shipped out within 48 hours. A temporary replacement license will also be emailed to you.

    You can contact Transport Canada by phone or email to request your authorization letter.

    –  Boating Safety Infoline: 1-800-267-6687
    –  Email:

    In your email to Transport Canada, include your full name and date of birth.

What is the cost of a replacement boating license?

The cost of a replacement boating license (PCOC) is $17.95. There are additional discounts the more cards you order. You can receive a 60% discount when ordering 3x cards. Shipping and handling are free.

Why should I order backup cards?

Boating License PCOCDon’t run the risk of not being able to boat this summer.
Get extra cards. Get peace of mind.

It is mandatory to have your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (or other proof of competency) with you when operating any sized power boat or PWC in Canada. 

To avoid the risk of missing out on a day on the water, get extra cards and keep them easily accessible. Don’t spend time looking for your card this summer!

We recommend you keep a card:

  • In your boat
  • In your tackle box
  • In your vehicle
  • As a backup in case you lose one.
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ACCREDITED.® is accredited by Transport Canada to deliver boating safety courses and administer tests for the issuance of Pleasure Craft Operator Cards, including replacement cards, under the Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations.

Does my Canadian boating license expire?

No, your Canadian boating license (PCOC) never expires. It is good for life and valid nationwide. There are no annual fees.

Can you drive a boat without a license in Canada?

No, you need to have a boating license (Pleasure Craft Operator Card) or another proof of competency to drive a motorized boat in Canada.

Anybody who operates a motorized boat or PWC in Canada must have proof of competency regardless of your age, engine horsepower or length of the craft. Proof of competency is a document that certifies that an individual is aware of the fundamental principles of boating in Canada and has the knowledge to operate a boat safely.

The most common proof of competency in Canada is a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC).

Even if your boat is equipped with an electric trolling motor or a motor less than 10hp, you need a boaters license (PCOC).

What is the fine for driving a boat without a license in Canada?

The minimum fine for operating a boat without a license (or other proof of competency) in Canada is $250. 

Does the replacement card come with a temporary boating license?

Yes, you will be issued a temporary Canadian boat license when your replacement card order has been received and verified. You can print your temporary PCOC at home and go boating straight away.

The temporary PCOC is valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

Printing the temporary boaters license allows you to go boating straight away while you wait for your permanent replacement Pleasure Craft Operator Card to arrive in the mail.

The temporary Pleasure Craft Operator Card is proof that you have passed the Transport Canada exam and can legally operate any powered watercraft in Canada.


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