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Additional Suggested Items

If you plan to be on the water for more than a few hours, you may want to store the following items on board:

Tool kit and spare parts

A toolkit used for repairs when boating. You may need to make repairs when you are out on the water. Take along a tool kit and spare parts like fuses, bulbs, a spare propeller, nuts and bolts, penetrating oil, duct tape and spark plugs. You should also have and know how to use the tools and materials you need to seal hull leaks until you get to shore.

Bring the owner’s manual and any other guidebook you might need on your trip.


First aid

A first aid kit which should be stored on a boat in case of a medical emergency.

When boating, you may end up far from medical help, so take a first aid kit with you. Store it in a dry place and replace used and outdated contents regularly. Pack it to meet your specific needs.

Do you know the symptoms of cold shock, hypothermia, heat exhaustion and allergic reactions? Do you know how to perform CPR or treat shock? First aid knowledge can make the difference between permanent injury and full recovery, or even life and death.

To learn more about first aid training, contact the nearest training provider.


Spare clothing in a watertight bag

Weather conditions can change quickly, so be prepared.


Drinking water and snacks

Drinking water and snacks will help you avoid fatigue and dehydration.

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