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A lifebuoy, used to save a person who has fallen in the water from a boat. A lifesaving buoy is designed to be thrown to a person in the water to provide buoyancy. The lifebuoy and grab lines must be in good condition with no tears, perforations or rot.

Regulations require that operators of vessels greater than 9 metres carry lifebuoys that are attached to a buoyant heaving line.

The buoy must be circular in shape with an outside diameter of either:

  • No less than 610 mm (24”) – Small Vessel Lifebuoy;
  • 762 mm (30”) – SOLAS Lifebuoy.

Lifebuoys that are smaller in size and horseshoe types are not approved by Transport Canada. When buying a lifebuoy, select one that carries a sticker showing that it has been approved by Transport Canada.

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