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Green Boating Tips

Some green boating tips include :

  • Make sure your engine is well maintained to reduce air pollution;
  • Use only paints approved for marine use;
  • When fuelling, do not top off tanks and clean up any spilled fuel;
  • Keep your bilge clean and do not pump oily water overboard;
  • Use bilge absorbents in place of detergents;
  • Do not pump your sewage over the side – use a holding tank;
  • Obey all sewage regulations;
  • Bring your garbage home (including cigarette butts) – do not litter;
  • Try not to use detergents – even biodegradable cleaners are hard on plants and animals that live in the water;
  • Avoid shoreline erosion – watch your wake and propeller wash;
  • Obey all speed limits for better fuel economy; and
  • Report pollution when you see it.



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