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Buoyant Heaving Lines

Heaving lines are designed to be thrown to someone in the water to aid in the rescue of that person. The line should be attached to a floating object to help accurately throw to someone in the water. It is recommended to practice throwing the buoyant heaving line to increase accuracy.

Buoyant heaving line which is used to rescue someone who has fallen overboard from a boat. A buoyant heaving line is approved for use as long as it:

  • Floats and is in good condition;
  • Is made of one full length of rope,
  • Is not made of many shorter ropes tied together;
  • Is long enough for the boat you will be using; and
  • Is used only as a piece of safety equipment.

Under the Small Vessel Regulations, a buoyant heaving line must be at least 15 metres in length for boats up to 24M, and 30 metres in length for boats over 24M. The heaving line must be readily accessible in case of an emergency.


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