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Cell Phone

Cell phones can also be used to call for assistance. If you are close to shore and have cell phone coverage, you can also use *16 on your cell phone to reach The Canadian Coast Guard Marine Communications and Traffic Services Center. Make sure your cell phone batteries are fully charged prior to heading out on the water.


Limits of A Cell Phone

No coverage sign. There can be limited cell phone coverage when out on a boat in case of emergency.Limits of a cell phone include:

  • They are very limited in coverage and only accessible when you are in the range of a cell phone tower;
  • They can lose reception or get wet and damaged;
  • Calling from your cell phone does not alert nearby vessels that you are in distress – they could be the ones to help you if they could hear you; and
  • Some cell phone signals cannot be followed back to your location by rescuers.
REMEMBER: Not all cell phone providers offer the (*16) service linking boaters directly with Marine Communication Traffic Service (MCTS) Centers. Boaters should test the *16 option or contact their service provider to ensure that *16 service is available prior to heading out on the water.

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