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BC Boating License Study GuideGet the best preparation for your boating license exam in BC. Use our free boating license study guide to help you in the PCOC final exam.

We made the course free so everyone in BC can easily access to the boating safety course and we can help raise boating safety awareness in BC.

Please Note: 

This study guide is a preview of the course material you will study to obtain the boating license (PCOC). You would need to register for our Boating License Course, if you are looking to obtain your boating license (PCOC).

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BC Study Guide Overview’s boating license study guide is an excellent resource for those who are preparing to take the boating license exam in BC or for those that are looking for a quick boating knowledge refresher.

The study guide is a preview of the boating license course material required to obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) in BC. It covers the same important topics and concepts that are covered in the boating safety course, including boat terminology, boating regulations, safety equipment, navigation, and what to do in an emergency.

However, it is important to note that previewing this study guide will not count towards obtaining your boating license (PCOC). Users must still register for the boating license course here to obtain their boating license in BC.

Be Safe, Get Certified.

BC Boater LicenseIt is illegal to operate a powered watercraft in BC without a boating license (or other proof of competency), and the fines for doing so can be significant.  Additionally, obtaining a boating license is a good way to ensure that you are operating your vessel safely and responsibly.

By completing a boating safety course and obtaining your boating license, you can gain the knowledge and skills needed to operate a boat, protect yourself and others, and avoid costly fines. If you want to test your knowledge – why not try out the free BC boating license practice test.

With the convenience and affordability of’s online course, there is no reason not to get your boating license today.

Join the over 2 million certified Canadians, and get your boating license in BC today!



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